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We make sense of disparate operational and agronomic data to simplify complex decisions related to crop risk management and for making agriculture predictable and profitable. SatSure powers proactive decision intelligence solutions in a complex operating environment that includes data acquisition, processing, and delivery in the form of simple analytical solutions.

Risk / insurance management

Crop damage assessment

Crop health monitoring

Classification and land use planning

Vegetation, water and soil monitoring

Soil nutrients analysis and fertilization recommendation

Predictive modelling (forecast, risk management)

Precision farming


SatSure works at the intersection satellite Earth observation, big data, cloud computing, machine learning and IoT technology to deliver clear decision points to insurance & re-insurance companies, banks, commodity traders, governments, seed and pesticide enterprises and their farmers - all through a web-based SaaS platform that integrates with the enterprise’s needs and existing processes.

Satellite Data

Machine Learning

Big Data Analytics

Crop Risk Rating


Precision Farmers

Efficient fields, Excellent yeild

Precision Farmers is striving to bring Precision Agriculture to the farms and to the hands for farmers which enable farmers to manage their farms better with the .

Naika solves the data challenges in the domains of space, Earth and Water.


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About Us

Our Mission

At SatSure, we are on a mission to evolve crop insurance products and provide accurate risk assessment of crop yield by integrating climatic variables with geospatial and economic datasets.

Why this mission?

Indian farmers who are dependent on rainfall for agriculture are at the risk of weather related losses, and this inhibits their socio-economic development. The risk of climate change and weather shocks also limits their willingness to invest in measures like better seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides that might increase productivity and improve their economic situation.

The Team

SatSure’s team is composed of people with 30 years of combined experience in the areas of satellite remote sensing, data analytics and agronomy. To learn more about us, feel free to contact us.

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